Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy

The Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy recognizes citizens who have worked to combat the sexual victimization of children and youth.

The first recipient was Sheldon Kennedy, in 2012. View Rosalind Prober Award Gallery.

Submission Deadline

All nominations shall be submitted to the Media Awards Committee by October 31st of each year.

  • The award honors an individual, institution or organization that makes a significant contribution to advocacy in the area of children’s rights and in preventing or addressing child sexual exploitation.
  • The contributions may take the form of advocacy, publicity, legislation, financial support, or a similar activity that fosters advocacy in these areas or raises public consciousness of the importance of advocacy in preventing or addressing child sexual exploitation.
  • Contributions should have broad, long-term impact at the regional level or beyond.
  • An number of awards may be given each year, and each may be given to multiple individuals or contributors to the same initiative or act.
  • Financial compensation or paid employment does not disqualify any individual, institution or organizations from receiving the Award.

Nominations may be made by the Media Awards Committee members or by members of the general public for consideration by the Media Awards Committee. A completed nomination form is required for nominations originating from the general public.

DOWNLOAD the Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy nomination form.

The Media Awards Committee, an ad hoc Committee established by the Board of Directors of Beyond Borders Inc./Au-delà des frontiers Inc. selects recipients on an annual basis. Final approval of the selected recipient rests with the Board of Directors of Beyond Borders Inc./Au-delà des frontiers Inc. in consultation with founder Rosalind Prober during her lifeftime.

About Rosalind Prober

After becoming aware that sexual offenders against children can sexually abuse children abroad with impunity, including Canadian children, Rosalind started working in 1993 to close that loophole in the Canadian Criminal Code. Her activism resulted in the “Prober Amendment” to Canada’s child sex tourism legislation (1996). This broadened the legislation to include all sexual crimes against children as extraterritorial crimes.

Awareness of other inadequacies of the Criminal Code and as well as the gross violations of children’s rights to be free from sexual exploitation led Rosalind to found Beyond Borders in 1996 with children’s rights lawyer, Mark Eric Hecht. Rosalind is also a founder of Canada’s national tipline to report online sexual victimization, Until her retirement in 2015 as President of Beyond Borders, Rosalind led the organization’s growth to become a bilingual, national, volunteer-driven nonprofit working to stop global child sexual exploitation.

Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy