Being recognized for the work we do on behalf of children and youth who are sexually exploited is a great honour. It confirms for us that others value the rights of young people as much as we do and it spurs our continued advocacy.

Thank you.


Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize

In August 2013, ECPAT International was selected to receive the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize of $1.5 million, the world’s largest prize of its kind.

As the ECPAT organization representing Canada, we were thrilled about the prize as it underscores the incredible impact of organizations from across the world coming together under the ECPAT umbrella to act globally against a growing worldwide scourge.

Being part of ECPAT International has been of great benefit to Beyond Borders. It’s allowed our organization to benefit from the experience of an international team and has given Canada a greater voice globally on this critical child protection issue. It’s been a key ingredient to our success in Canada with legal challenges and reform as well as our ability to raise public awareness on the issue.

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Canadian Museum of Human Rights

We are very proud to be in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) and deeply honoured that the story of the founding of Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada is highlighted in the museum.

This exhibit allows visitors to see firsthand co-founders, Past President Rosalind Prober and Mark E. Hecht and how the Canadian organization and ECPAT International began and what we have achieved together. Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada is part of an exhibit on the issue of child sexual exploitation.

Featured, is the contribution Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada has made to legislative reform in the areas of the age of consent as well as making child sex tourism an extraterritorial offence.


Mayor of Winnipeg’s State of the City Charity of Choice

In March 2013, Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada was chosen as one of two charities to benefit from proceeds of the State of the City Address luncheon hosted by The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. Winnipeg businessman and philanthropist, Albert El Tassi also made a donation to the recipients of this honour.