Recommended Resources


The Canadian Council of Child & Youth Advocates

  • The CCCYA is an alliance of ten children’s advocates from across Canada who have mandates to support the rights of children and youth and to promote youth voice.

Children’s Rights Information Network

  • Includes a database searchable by topics such as: child labour, children and the media, gender and girls, and sexual exploitation of children
  • The main website also has a section on the law with searchable databases


  • The ECPAT International Resource Centre is a collection related to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, including national and international legislation relevant to protecting children from sexual exploitation.
  • Online visitors have access to basic information such as the title, author’s name, publisher, and year of publication. This information will allow users to either locate these documents in their local library, university or bookstore or through the publishing company or organization.


  • DevInfo is a database system endorsed by the United Nations Development Group for monitoring human development.

Save the Children

  • Country reports as well as theme based reports on child survival, education, and livelihoods.

Child Wise

  • Child Wise is Australia’s leading child protection charity and is the Australian representative of ECPAT International.

University of Minnesota Human Rights Library

  • Includes information on treaties, UN documents, regional materials, and bibliography and research guides.

OECD Family Database

  • The OECD Family database was developed to provide cross-national indicators on family outcomes and family policies across the OECD countries, its enhanced engagement partners and EU member states.
  • The database brings together information from various national and international databases, both within the OECD and related organisations. The database currently includes 63 indicators under four main dimensions: (i) structure of families, (ii) labour market position of families, (iii) public policies for families and children and (iv) child outcomes.

Library of Congress

  • This overview describes some of the major global and regional legal instruments that have contributed to this transformation, as well as specific relevant provisions in broader human-rights related instruments and in international agreements on child protection and placement.


  • The Innocenti Research Centre (IRC) virtual library is a selective systematization of some electronic resources, freely available on the net, in the economics, social science, and human rights areas that will be of interest to those working to promote the rights of children and women.

Federal Income support for parents of murdered or missing children

  • The Federal Income Support for Parents of Murdered or Missing Children grant provides up to 35 weeks of income support to parents who have suffered a loss of income from taking time away from work to cope with the death or disappearance of their child, under 18 years of age, due to a probable Criminal Code offence.