Media Awards 2014

GENERATION XXX – The Pornification of our Children

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Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada held its annual Media Awards and Symposium

at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg on November 17, 2014.

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Titled Generation XXX, The Pornification of our Children, the morning symposium brought leading experts from around the world to address the issue of how the easy access of pornography is affecting our children. Executive Board member of the UK Council on Child Internet Safety and advisor to ECPAT International, John Carr, was a featured guest on the panel.


The Media Awards honours Canadian Journalists who have done exceptional work covering the issue of child sexual exploitation. Winning journalists were chosen in print, electronic and integrated media in both English and French. Montreal aboriginal activist, Waneek Horn-Miller, hosted this year’s awards.


Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada was thrilled to announce that the first Human Rights Award in the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, The Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy, was presented to B.C. prosecutor of child sex tourists, Brendan McCabe.

About Brendan McCabe: Known as one of Canada’s foremost experts in prosecuting complicated extraterritorial cases with multiple victims in foreign countries, Brendan was the Crown counsel in Canada’s first groundbreaking child sex tourism case, R. v. Donald Bakker. Brendan, along with a fellow prosecutor, successfully defended the constitutional challenge of Canada’s child sex tourism law in the multi-jurisdictional case of R v Kenneth Klassen, charged with abusing many children in three countries. That case resulted in the longest sentence in Canada to date, 11 years, for child sex tourism.

About the Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy: The Rosalind Prober Award recognizes Canadians who have made a significant contribution towards combatting the sexual victimization of children and youth.

Media Awards Winners and Nominees

Daphne Bramham, series Bountiful: A case of too little, too late? Jan.20, Mar.15 & 19, May 16, August 14 & 15, 2014

Robert Cribb, Jennifer Quinn and Julien Sher, Project Spade: Behind the scenes of a child porn investigation, published in the Toronto Star, November 14th, 15th and 16th, 2014

Jennifer Yang, The fight to end sexual initiation of girls and Malawi’s child brides: married at 15, published in the Toronto Star, January 20, 2014 and March 1, 2014

Marco Chown Oved and Laura Kane, When rape becomes ‘normal’, published in the Toronto Star, Oct.19/2013

Bonnie Belec, Three part series: Internet luring cases increase; Predators and the Internet’s lure; and Embracing technology safely, published in The Telegram on February 26-28, 2014

WINNER! Barb Pacholik, Iced and Betrayal: What do you do when you discover your friend is a pedophile? published in the Regina Leader Post, May 31, 2014

Jeff Mitchell and Parvaneh Pessian, three part series: Human Trafficking: Durham police battle increase in human trafficking; Reluctant witnesses a challenge in Durham sex slavery cases; and Sex slavery survivor reaches out to Durham victims, published in the Northumberland News, April 9, 23, and 30, 2014

Patrick White, On the Trail of Amanda Todd’s Alleged Tormentor, published in The Globe and Mail, May 31, 2014

Jennifer Hough, Dealing with high risk sex offenders, published in the National Post, August 23, 2014


WINNER! Jennifer Quinn and Robert Cribb Inside the world of human trafficking, published in The Star, Oct.5, 2013


 Mark Kelley, Tamar Weinstein, Rachel Houlihan, Aileen McBride, The Sextortion of Amanda Todd, aired on CBC’s the fifth estate, November 15th, 2013

Sandie Rinaldo, Sarah Stevens, Litsa Sourtzis, Madeline McNair, and Michael Morningstar, Predator’s Playground, aired on CTV-W5, February 15, 2014,

WINNER! Brennan Leffler and Jennifer Tryon, A City’s Shame, (part 1) and Out of Shadows (Part Two), aired on 16×9 Global News, October 12, 2013 and January 25th, 2014

Hannah James and Sean O’Shea, Generation  X-rated:  Porn causing erectile dysfunction in young men, aired on 16X9 Global News, March 30, 2014

Howard Goldenthal, An Open Secret: Rabbi Heshi Nussbaum’s abuse of boys in Toronto’s Jewish community, aired on CBC’s The Current, June 18, 2014

Kathleen Martens, Making Waves: APTN Investigates, aired on Aboriginal People’s Television Network, on Feb 21,2014

Jillian Taylor, Holly Moore, and Joanne Levasseur, Human traffickers going unpunished in Canada, experts say, CBC News, March 25, 2014


 René-Charles Quirion, Prostitution à Sherbrooke; Un univers souterrain, publié dans La Tribune, le 25 juin, 2014

Mylène Moisan, Le Vieux qui pinçait les fesses, publié dans Le Soleil, le 9 octobre 2013

Mylène Moisan, Le père Serpico, publié dans Le Soleil, le 11 novembre 2013

Mélyssa Gagnon, Sweetie, publié dans Le Quotidien, le13 novembre 2013

WINNER! Isabelle Hachey, Les filles jetables; Les lieux du vice; La fille d’à côté; À qui profite l’industrie du sexe?, publié dans La Presse, le 2 octobre 2013

Katia Gagnon, Au nom de l’hymen, publié dans La Presse, le 22 septembre 2013

Pierre Pelchat, Hypersexualisation : Gare à la banalisation, publié dans Le Soleil, le 28 février 2014; Guy Boutin : Donner aux enfants abusés, publié le 31 août 2014; Hypersexualisation : Les jeunes en manque d’éducation sexuelle, publié le 1er mars 2014; Cadeau de Noël pour enfants abusés publié le 17 août 2014; Sites pornos : les fantasmes déformés des préados, publié le 7 mars, 2014

Louis-Denis Ebacher, La Traite de Personnes, un marché lucratif, publié dans Le Droit, le 3 février 2014;

Louis-Denis Ebacher, Des jeunes femmes obsédées par la culture pimp, publié dans Le Droit, le 3 février 2014

Stéphanie Marin, Fournisseurs Internet : La Police aura besoin d’un mandat pour obtenir des informations,publié dans La Presse Canadienne Ottawa, le 13 juin 2014


WINNER! Stéphane Blais, Le mariage forcé en Ontario, diffusé par Radio Canada, le 20 septembre 2013

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