Media Awards 2013

Rosalind Prober Award for Advocacy Recipients


Carol Todd
Glen Canning
Leah Parsons

Carol Todd, Glen Canning & Leah Parsons

The tragic deaths by suicide of Amanda Todd and Rehtaeh Parsons woke the nation to the devastating consequences of online exploitation and cyber-bullying. Amanda’s mother (Carol) and Rehtaeh’s parents (Glen and Leah) did everything they could to protect their daughters, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Now vocal child advocates, Carol, Glen and Leah’s dedication to raising awareness has motivated stakeholders to urgently address the harm online bullying and exploitation does to children.

Media Awards Winners and Nominees

Tamsyn Burgmann
The Canadian Press
Centre helps traumatized girls recover from sex tourism slavery and RCMP Child Porn Fight Rewarding, Horrifying

WINNER!  Steffanie Petroni – The Story of a Child Prostitute

Barb Pacholik
Regina Leader Post – Putting Pedophiles on ICE

Jana G. Pruden
Vancouver Sun – Crimes without borders:  Special Alberta police unit uses internet to hunt down child abusers

Glenda Luymes
The Province – It’s spinning out of control:  Sexting among BC teens on the rise despite devastating consequences

Selena Ross and Frances Willick
The Chronicle Herald – Retaeh’s death has opened eyes to the risky world of teens, booze and sex.

Daniel Schwartz
CBC News
How teens view sexting

WINNER!  Victor Malarek and Litsa Sourtzis
CTV W5 – The Throwaway Children

Victor Malarek, Garry Dwyer-Joyce and Sarah Stevens
Twisted Travellers

Jill Croteau
Global News Calgary
The Flesh Trade

Sandie Rinaldo, Sarah Stevens and Litsa Sourtzis
Sext-Ed: Inside the sexting sub-culture of teens

Mimi Wells and Yvan Cote
CBC The National
Protecting the children: Canadian pedophiles in Cambodia

Leif Larsen and Gosia Sawicka
CBC Manitoba
U.S. predators use video games to lure Canadian kids

Mimi Wells et Yvan Côté
Radio-Canada Télévision — Une heure sur terre
Un pédophile canadien au Cambodge

WINNER!  Johanne Bonneau et Johanne Fauche
Radio-Canada – Enquête
Des victimes parfaites

Jean-Sébastien Cloutier
Radio-Canada Télévision – Le téléjournal Grand Montréal
série: Un portrait des fugueurs; Noémie perdue et retrouvée; Filles à vendre

Julian Sher, Robert Cribb, Jennifer Quinn and Juan Tamayo
Toronto Star
The Ugly Canadians: Child Sex Tourism

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