How to Take Action

Want to take action? We can help.


There are many ways for the private sector to become more involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada can help your business or organization increase its knowledge about issues pertaining to children’s rights and to have a more vibrant CSR profile.

Many types of businesses and organizations are involved in work that has a potential impact upon children’s rights. These include: the travel and tourism sectors, media industries, the financial sector, and technology services such as Internet providers. Think about your customers, your staff, and their families. Children are involved in almost every sector.

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Speaker Presentations

Advance your CSR program by raising awareness of how your business or organization’s work is tied to children’s rights.

Invite a Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada representative to speak to your board, executive, or employees. Presentation topics include: child sex tourism, Internet luring, child sexual exploitation, child trafficking, child abuse imagery, and international child law.

Fundraising and Volunteer Days

Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada has teamed with various businesses and organizations in unique fundraising campaigns to help in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children.

We can provide support and literature to help make your fundraising campaign a success. We may also be able to support staff members who want to use their volunteer days to work with Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada. We would love to hear your ideas about new fundraising or volunteering initiatives.

Corporate Training Sessions

We have delivered extensive training sessions on child sexual exploitation. We can train staff directly or provide “train-the-trainers” sessions to help build teams of knowledgeable staff who can spread the word throughout your organization.

Our training sessions provide comprehensive learning objectives and allow for ample time for discussion. We also provide take-home materials so that staff can continue to review and reinforce what they have learned. The training sessions are relevant to any business or organization whose work has the potential to be implicated in child sexual exploitation.


Corporate Audits

Does your business or organization have a program that focuses directly on children? Have you tried to incorporate children’s rights into an aspect of your mandate? We can work with your business or organization to help assess if your programming, initiatives, and other work is meeting your goals.

Take advantage of our extensive international experience and legal knowledge to ensure that your programs and policies are child safe.